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Terms & Conditions 
The following terms and condition comprise the agreement in respect of all photographic equipment received by us here at Euro Hi Tech Photographic Services Ltd ‘us’ or ‘we’ in this agreement as the Company on behalf of ‘you’ as the customer.
1. Online Estimates
1.1 All prices quoted online are based on the description of the fault provided and make and model of the camera.
1.2 The online prices include basic or minor parts and labour only, unless stated otherwise. If a major part is required after examination or during repair process such as a sensor or filter or main circuits or lenses we will send you another estimate at no extra cost.
1.3 It is also possible for prices to be higher than the Online Estimate if further faults are found with the camera or camcorder equipment eg extensive water or sand/dust or casing damage or corrosion or impact damage or third party entry or disassembly of equipment or screws missing. Therefore we will provide a revised estimate when necessary. This also implies for inaccuracy or lack of information provided on the Online Estimate Request Form.
1.4 Prices could also change subject to prices of parts and labour required to rectify the fault at the particular time of receiving the goods.
1.5 Circumstances may arise when parts are discontinued or no longer available (within the given time period) from the date of providing you with an Online Estimate.
1.6 Online Estimates are not valid for insurance purpose. All units must be examined prior to insurance Estimates.
1.7 Online Estimates are valid for 28 Days only, and it is at our discretion to void any online estimates upon receipt of goods.
1.8 A copy of the Online Estimate or a Reference Number must be included when sending the camera/camcorder. If this information is not provided we will provide you with a new estimate.
1.9 Online will not be valid until the unit has been examined by a Pro Technician. Also any Estimates given over the phone are only approximates and subject to examination. So these prices could vary.
1.10 Please complete the online request form with as much information as possible. Any information incorrect or missing will lead to delays in processing a reply. Also try and provide an image if possible for any physical damage, this could speed responses up.
1.11 For all water/liquid /heavy impact/ multiple error messages or oil damage, we may not be able to provide you with an online estimate without examination. So if there is no reply within a specified time, please call us or send your equipment into us.
1.12 If you do not receive a reply from any emails you enquires you have submitted then please call us on 02089040900.
1.13 We will need to examine some equipment such as Professional Cameras and Lenses, and you may be requested to send the item in for inspection. A Refusal and Return Shipping charge will apply.
2. Refusal of Estimate
2.1 Please note that a nominal fee may apply if an estimate is requested but is later declined
2.2 Any item where no approval has been received within 14 days from estimate will incur a return carriage, administration and examination charge.
2.3 Failure to meet any deadlines shall not entitle the customer to cancel the order. No will we pay any financial compensation for loses incurred.
2.4 We cannot cancel your Repair/Order once you have Approved the repair or made an order. This also applies to purchasing any item such as accessories or parts.
3. Insurance Estimates
3.1 Insurance Estimates can be provided Upon Request only for a £35 +Vat per item, this cost is ‘only’ redeemable against the repair if carried out with us, and or is a straight charge if deemed beyond repair.
3.2 All repairs for insurance purpose need to be examined physically by a technician. Thus phone/online estimates are not valid for this purpose.
3.3 Prepayment must be required to carry out the repair of any approved Insurance Work. The customer will be charged and then ‘should’ be able make can make a claim with there insurance provider, only on the condition that the insurance provider originally accepted the insurance estimate letter. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the terms and conditions of claims which may vary with the insurance provider, and also whether these charges will be refunded.
3.4 We will not be liable or will make no refunds for any un-successful insurance claims.
3.5 We do not deal directly with the insurance provider on behalf of the customer, unless specified by us.
3.6 The preparation for insurance estimates can also take up to 2-3 working days once payment have been received in full.
4. Estimate and Phone Estimates
4.1 We provide Estimate on all equipment we repair. If you decide not to get the equipment repaired by us, then there will be a Refusal of Estimate Charge and any Shipping Charge to return the unit back to you on top of this.
4.2  Estimates can take up to 1 working days or longer during busier periods.
4.3 We will use various methods to contact you any period of time.
4.4 The Prices we provide over the Phone can vary and are only Approximates. This may be due to factors in 1.3.
4.5 We cannot validate any Phone Estimates until the unit has been examined by a Technician.
5. Re-Estimate
5.1  If a unit has more than one fault  which was not originally identified then we will contact you prior to repair or during the repair process.
5.2  We may provide you with a further Estimate or Revised Estimate at any time.
5.3  Not all faults can be found until we get the proceed of an Estimate.
5.4  If you decline the second Re-Estimate and we will make a Refusal of Estimate Charge, just to cover the time of the technician.
5.5 If you send multiple equipment and we only estimated for one item then we will send you a new estimate at no extra cost.
6. Acceptance of Estimate & Sending Equipment
6.1  Once you approve an Estimate in any form i.e Verbally/Phone/Email/Preapproved or in Writing and send your camera to our Service Centre, we will deem that as a go ahead to carry out the repair work in accordance with your request, unless stated otherwise in writing.
6.2  We will require Pre Payment to carry out any repair once you have Accepted an Estimate. This can be done by Credit/debit card over the phone on 02089040900.
6.3 For any additional work we will need to know by correspondence. This may mean informing us if you want any Media Saved on Camcorders, or Cassettes Removed from camcorders.  If we have no information about this work, we cannot guarantee that any HD Recording or Images on CF cards will be saved during the repair.
6.4 If further faults are found we will contact you during the Repair Process. We will notify you by phone or by email of any further repair work necessary and once all repair work has been checked and completed.
6.5 It is the customers responsibility to keep a note of the Model and Serial Number of the product; no enquiries can be answered without a serial number. If there is no serial number or you can not find it on the item, the model number should be kept.
6.6 Any product returned for repair must be accompanied by a full name, address and daytime telephone number. If this information is not provided, we will be unable to return your product to you and reserves the right to dispose of your product three months after receipt. [Equipment left for repair is subjected to the conditions of the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1952].
6.7 Ensure that the product is packed properly with sufficient protection to prevent damage during transit. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure the item when sending any value able equipment to our service centre.
6.8 A letter/note describing the fault is included with the product.
7. Repair Process
7.1 All repair work is carried out at owners risk we will not be liable for any software, or modifications to your personal equipment. As part of general services to Cameras/Lenses and other Digital Equipment we may have to replace Serial Numbers and Upgrade Firmware to the latest specification, there will be no extra charge for this. If you do not want any Firmware upgrades then please inform us before sending or bringing your equipment in for repair.
7.2 We will test your equipment to standard to ensure the original fault with the camera has been rectified and all other functions are working as normal.
7.3 The company shall have the sole discretion to decide the nature and method of repairs and the type of replacement parts to be used. We will not pay any compensation or any equipment replacement costs if equipment has been repaired to standard, but not up to your Personal Standard.
7.4 It is the responsibility of the customer to see that the goods are tested within the period of the period of the warranty.
Also it is the customers responsibility to test the equipment before taking on holiday or using in an important occasions. After collecting or receiving the repaired item by post.
7.5 We may sub-contract all or part of the repair work at is sole discretion without any prior notification to the customer.
7.6 We will not return the Spare Part which was defected in the original repair request or any repair carried out, at any point of time. This breaches company health and safety policy and regulations on electronic waste disposal.
7.7 Once Estimate has been approved we cannot provide or return your camera during any period of the repair, either midway or until the part arrives or due to any unforeseen delays which are beyond our control.   We neither will not pay for any Rental Expenses or any further financial compensation of inconvenience or losses.
8. Warranty Does Cover
8.1 Digital Camera are covered by 6 months Warranty & Panasonic Digital Cameras/Camcorders are covered for 3 Months Warranty.
8.2 Camcorders are given 3 months Warranty.
8.3 This is strictly limited to the original parts and workmanship used on the original defect or specified fault.
8.4 The warranty will cover any removable or sub assembly fitted to the equipment-for example lamps, switches, top base units, circuits, cross key pads or if such items have been repaired.
8.5 Any part of the equipment where a specific and single item has been repaired or the word ‘only’ has been added as the repair description.
8.6 If the unit meets the criteria of Warranty then we will carry out the repair and return the unit back to you at no extra cost.
8.7 We can only carry out work under our Warranty if you provide us with a copy of the Customer Repair Invoice.
9. Warranty Does Not Cover
9.1 We will not be liable to carry our any Warranty Work if the equipment has been misused, tampered with, neglected or suffered impact or indirect voltage.
9.2 This also applies to any sand or water or contamination with the repair.
9.3 Furthermore to damage caused through transportation. This is the responsibility of the shipping carrier.
9.4 We do not offer any Warranty on sensor or dust removal services on mirrors/view finders/focus screens etc.
9.5 Warranty only covers parts used in the original defect.
9.6 If the camera develops a secondary fault which was not related to the original fault the unit will become a chargeable repair.
9.7 We may be able to re pay your shipping expense of only up to a Limit of £5.00 for       units covered under our warranty. This can only be done with a proof of receipt of the value and is at our discretion.
9.8 We do not undertake repairs under a manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the related manufacturer.
9.9 Inadequate packaging of the product when returning it to the Service Centre.
9.10 Warranty is not transferable and is void after re-sale.
10. Return of Goods
10.1 A decline/Refusal of any Estimates will incur a Charge for cover the technician time of examining the unit and any admin cost involved. Any shipping costs will be charged on top of this. This is outlined in above ‘Refusal of Estimate’.
10.2 There could be a parts charge for any parts which have been ordered to carry out your repair work.
10.3 No liability can be accepted by the company for re-assembly of equipment dismantled for the purpose of examination.
10.4 In all cases if for whatever reason we are unable to deliver the goods back to you or if we are unable to contact you to arrange collection we reserve the right to sell or dispose of any goods left with us after 3 months.
11. Recall or Previous Repair
11.1 If a unit has been repaired by our Service Centre and the original defect is still ongoing, we advise you to send the unit back to the Service Centre.
11.2 The customer will be covered by 6 months Warranty on camera repairs and 3 months on Panasonic Camera/Camcorder Repairs.
11.3 We will not be liable for any expenses occurred whilst your equipment is in repair or re- repair with us, nor will we pay any compensation for any losses expenses or inconvenience or any travel expenses or any Rental Expenses. We will neither pay for any expenses or financial cost or reimbursements occurred with work carried out by any other Un Authorized Repair Centre to rectify any defects. If we can not find a fault on the Recall then it is in the customers duty is to read the manual or instruction booklet to use their equipment appropriately.
12. Payment
12.1 Advance Payment is required to process all repairs. Payment can be made securely over the phone via Credit/Debit Cards/Paypal or by writing a cheque made payable to Euro Hi Tech Photographic Services Ltd quoting the Estimate Reference Number or Order Number. We also accept Cash payments in advance at the Service Centre.
12.2 Items will not be processed or returned until full payment has been received.
12.3 The company shall not be obliged to commence work until full payment is received from the customer.
13. Refusal to Pay
13.1 If you fail to pay for goods and services within one month of the completion of the repair, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of the item to recover our costs, under the Provision of Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. See Also Paragraph 14.
13.2 We will also charge interest on payment at 5% on the final total where payment is not paid within one month.
13.3 We will forward all details to debt collecting companies to recover any monies.
13.4 We will seek legal action with the claims court to recover any outstanding payments.
14. Refusal to Collect
14.1 When the goods are ready for collection after the repair/service or when an estimate has been prepared, the company shall write to the customer at the address specified by the customer (“Initial Letter”). If the customer does not contact the company, the company shall write to the customer at least one month after the date of the initial letter.
14.2 If the goods have not been collected, or the instructions to deliver the goods or to commence work have not been given and accepted by the company within three months of the date of the initial letter, title to the goods shall pass to the Company who shall be free to dispose of the goods and customer shall not be entitled to payment of any compensation. This is inline with Uncollected Goods Act.
14.3 Under no circumstances will we be liable for any expenses, claims or indirect consequential losses or disposal of items.
14.4 All items not collected within 3 months will be non recoverable and could be Auctioned or Scraped or Recycled to recover costs.
14.5 We will charge interest on repairs which have not been collected for storage costs and administrations involved in processing and monitoring the repair.
15. Shipping
15.1 We will not be liable for any loss of parcels or damage of items for goods which have been sent to our company.
15.2 We will require a confirmation in writing or by email of the full shipping address before we ship any goods back to you. The customer must inform us in writing of any changes/amendments in shipping address which varies from the one we have on record or the one sent with the camera.
15.3 The Shipping courier we use is of our choice. This could be different to what you have paid for due to various reasons. Such as the size / weight/ contents of packaging and where the item is being shipped. Also the insurance rates on the item may vary depending on the shipper.  Also the amount you paid for the shipping may not have been sufficient to cover any changes by shipper’s charges.
15.4 For any items which have been lost (partial loss) or damaged upon receipt you must comply with the following conditions before we can process any requests.
15.5      a.     If the item was sent by UPS, then you will need to inform them by calling 084577877877. You will need to arrange a time for the UPS Driver to Inspect and collect the item. Who will then take the item back to the UPS Depot for further inspection.
b.      Proof of the items value, such as the Original Receipt
c.       Notification of the problem in writing within 3 days of delivery, either to us or to UPS.
d.      If the item was lost, delayed/ not delivered then you will need to contact us and we will make the enquires by calling 02089040900
f.       For any damaged item, which was sent by Royal Mail, you will need to keep all the packaging and contents of the parcel. This also applies in clause 15.5 a. This will have to be sent to us at our address.
15.6     An Item will not be classed as lost until 14 working days from date of shipping.
15.7     We will not accept any applications of lost or damaged items after 30 days.
15.8     Any investigations can take more than 28 days.
15.9     It will be the shipper’s responsibility to compensate for any loss or damage. We will not be liable for this.
15.10     All goods are dispatched at customers own risk.
15.11     All goods collected and delivered by the company shall be insured at their current second hand value.
15.12    If for any traffic delays, severe weather, ash clouds, congestion, not called for when goods arrive, we will not accept claims of indirect loses or expenses. This also applies for any unforeseen internal strikes or disputes by Courier Company.
16.Online Tracking
16.1 We will supply Online Tracking Number or Order Number to all of our customers only once we receive the equipment at our Service Centre via email. You can also be notified of the Tracking number by calling 02089040900.
16.2 For all repair work status can be monitored at the following link. We will do our best to update this during the repair time.
17. Loss or Damaged
17.1 We cannot accept responsibility for memory card, tapes, dc couplers, terminal caps, dc covers, batteries, usb cables or straps or any other accessories left in or with the camera or any consequential loss however caused. We will neither pay any compensation.  
17.2 All repairs undertaken are at owners risk although due care will be taken while equipment is in our possession. We will not accept responsibility for any damage to the camera or equipment when receiving the camera in for repair.
17.3 We will neither be responsible for any losses of images on memory card or on CDs, or any internal memory or tapes or cassettes. It is the customers duty to insure all provisions of back up are made before sending to the service centre. It is also the customer’s responsibility to inform us before the repair to Try and Save and Stored Data on the equipment. It may not be possible to do so in all cases.
18. Turnaround time
18.1 For all Canon Repairs we Estimate to be completed within 3-5 working days. This is subject to part availability and the condition of the camera.
For all cameras made by Sony/Panasonic/Nikon/Fuji /Olympus/Pentax the turnaround time is approximately Estimated within 7-10 working days.
18.2 All turnaround times are from the date of acceptance of Estimates and Date of Payment. Small percentage of repairs can take longer, this may be for example incases of repairs which have extensive water damage and require multiple parts.
18.3 Any repairs which reveal secondary faults or delay in the delivery of spare parts could affect the final repair completion time. We will neither pay any costs towards hire of equipment.
18.4 We will not be liable for any loss or expenses to meet any such dates or deadlines.
18.5 All our turnaround times are approximate.
18.6 We may priorities our work at any period of time.
18.7 It is the customers’ responsibilities to have back up photographic equipment whilst equipment is in repair or if the customer requires the equipment urgently which we can not guarantee.
19. Sale of Spare Parts and Accessories
19.1 All parts are supplied at owners own risk.
19.2 No Manuals, Software, Tools, User Guides, Instruction Booklets will be supplied with any Sale of Spare Parts. It is advised that internal electronic components such as Circuit Boards, Sensors and Optics will require adjustment software, this is not supplied with any purchase of a Spare Part.
19.3 Spare parts are non refundable items. If you incorrectly ordered or no longer require the item, we can not cancel your order. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide as much information about the spare part required. This may mean providing an image and complete make and model of the equipment.
19.4 If you receive the incorrect item then return it back to us with your order number and we will replace with the one you want. In some cases we may even cover your return postage up to a £5.00 limit. We can not pay the covering cost without copy of receipt. We will not compensate for inconvenience, your time and any other financial costs/losses incurred.
19.5 We advise that all Spare Parts should be installed or fitted by Professional Service Centers.
19.6 Any delays in receiving the spare part does not entitle to a discount, or refund or also any other further financial compensation. You will not be allowed to get a refund just because we have not delivered within the specified time. As all delivery times are approximate estimations. For Non UK Shipments the delivery times also vary and you will also need to pay for any Custom Charges of Tax on Imports.
19.7 We will not be liable for any installation defects arising from any personal repairs, nor will be pay any compensation. This applies to any secondary defects, damages to components, short circuits, circuit or flexible cable breaks ie loss of power or any physical injury.
19.8 If multiple items are ordered of different quantities and makes we will dispatch what we have to you, as we put all parts on priority. But the other parts maybe on back order or low in stock so we will ship to you when they arrive, maybe at a later date.  Please note you may have to pay an extra shipping rate to cover the shipping for this.
19.9 For small parts orders such as screws or springs or small components, there are minimum order charges and standard shipping rates.
19.10 Small number of parts could be out of stock at the time of ordering, we will do our best to update online but please phone to prior to ordering if urgently needed. We will do our best to fur fill any orders you placed but delivery times may vary.
19.11 The shipper you select for your spare parts delivery may not be the same. As outlined in Shipping 15.3 above.
20. Website
You must not:
20.1.1Republish material from this website (including republication on another website);
20.1.2Sell, rent or otherwise sub-license material from the website;
20.1.3Show any material from the website in public;
20.1.4Reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit material on our website for a commercial purpose;
20.1.5Edit or otherwise modify any material on the website;
20.1.6Redistribute material from this website except for content specifically and expressly made available for redistribution
21. Law
These Conditions and any agreement between the customer and the company shall be governed by English Law.
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